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1x Custom Nutrition Protocol
1x Goal Specific Training Protocol

Price: $299.95

Training and nutrition work in unison, you cannot separate the two. Regardless of your focus – Whether it be the development of muscle or losing weight, implementing one without the other will result in a less then optimal outcome. Without the application of a properly structured nutritional regime, it is unlikely you will see a continual change in composition no matter how hard your training. Adversely, correctly training and continuously pushing yourself will only achieve limited results without the consumption of proper nutrients.

What you get

Part One: The Nutrition Protocol

Incorporating the use of nutritional science and results based experience, the nutritional protocols are completely customised to suit you, your preferences and lifestyle.

Nutrition Protocol Outline:
  • An 8 week, custom meal plan tailored to your goals
  • Structured to assist in the regulation of hormones enhance muscle growth, fuel fat loss and regulate insulin sensitivity
  • Inclusive of an integrated supplementary and vitamin regime
  • Are designed to be flexible, allowing you to incorporate your meals into your lifestyle
  • Incorporate a combination of recommended nutrient rich carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats tailored to suit your needs and preferences
  • Inclusive of select interchangeable meal options to alleviate repetitiveness and boredom
  • Include additional pre and post workout meal’s to account for the expenditures associated with training
  • Access to the ‘The Limitless Little Black Book’ – A complete guide of helpful tips to assist you with your meal

Part Two: The Training Protocol

The training protocols are designed to encourage a change in composition tailored specifically in coherence to your personal goals.

Training Protocol Outline:
  • Simple to follow session by session muscle group specific workout regime’s
  • Cater for different levels of training experience, both beginner and advanced
  • Aim to increase overall fitness and improve strength
  • Allow for flexibility and can be implemented in accordance to your personal schedule
  • Include a detailed breakdown of each workout including exercise pairing, reps, tempo and resting periods
  • Give you unlimited access to video links incorporated within your protocols explaining the proper technique for each recommended exercise
  • Inclusive of both weight training, lower body circuits and cardio recommendations
  • Are specially formatted to allow you to view your training protocols on any device or print and take to the gym with you
  • Inclusive of a recommended supplementary regime to maximise results

Your Training & Nutrition Protocols


What is Your Goal?

To build muscle

Nutrition: Customised to suit you
Training: The Mass Gainer

Developed to be used in unison with your advanced nutrition protocol, to encourage muscle growth and enhance strength with the implementation of weightlifting exercises coupled with the appropriate sets, repetitions and tempo.


To Lean down/Lose weight

Nutrition: Customised to suit you
Training: The Shred

Structured to enhance the oxidation of fat through the incorporation of supersets, drop sets and other training techniques, whilst ensuring the maintenance of muscle mass.



What is Your Goal?

To Lose Weight

Nutrition: Customised to suit you
Training: Drop it like its hot

Developed to be implemented in unison with your nutritional protocol, your training protocol will include specific exercises and training techniques to encourage the rapid dissipation of fats to assist you in achieving your weight loss goals.


To Develop Lean Muscle

Nutrition: Customised to suit you
Training: Strong Not Skinny

Created to be used in unison with your advanced nutritional protocol, your training protocol is composed of specific sets, tempo and repetitions to build lean muscle and tighten and tone your physique.


Shredding for the Wedding

A tailored 10 week nutrition and training protocol structured for the bride to be… Click the Wedding Tab (Above) for more information.


10 Week Custom Nutrition Protocol and Goal Specific Training Protocol

It’s happened, the love of your life has officially proclaimed their love for you The strategically shot ring photos have been unloaded, all social media has been informed. Its officially, official and now your alter bound.

At some point, in amongst all the wedding planning, you’ve considered what you’ll look like as your nearest and dearest watch you walk down the isle. Here’s where it all goes wrong. Adopting a crash diet of shakes, juice cleanses or strange laxative based tea’s aren’t going to make you feel good. Not only can they have detrimental effects on your health but the minute you stop, which you will, because realistically functioning properly off tea or juice alone isn’t sustainable – your guaranteed to put the weight right back on. The only thing they are a recipe for – is disaster. Your body needs to be nourished and your brain needs to function – After all, you’ve got some big wedding orientated decisions to make here.

The reality of the situation is, loosing your love handles, toning your arms or dropping a dress size isn’t going to make you a better bride. However, the implementation of a properly structured training and nutritional regime will not only provide assistance in accomplishing your personal pre-wedding body goals but aim to achieve one very important thing – Instil confidence. The confidence to absolutely own that form fitting strapless dress you’ve fallen in love with, to work that camera like your about to be on the cover of Italian Vogue or perhaps most importantly, instil the confidence to strut right down that isle to marry the love of your life, Yes everyone, I have arrived. After all, there is nothing better then feeling good about yourself.

The Custom Nutrition Protocol

Formulated specifically for you, the bride to be, the 10 week nutrition protocol focuses on the optimisation of digestive function, whilst including specific food groups and nutrients to prompt a thermogenic effect whilst still developing lean muscle.

The Training Protocol

Designed to be utilised in unison with your advanced nutrition protocol, the training component of the package is designed to target what are commonly referred to as ‘problem areas’. Your protocol will incorporate both exercises to focus primarily on the back, the arms, the midsection, the thighs and the booty in addition to encouraging the oxidation and dissipation of fat.

Pro Tip: To encourage compliance and provide accountability, why not recruit someone to transform with you – Maid of honour, Sister of the bride… I’m looking at you!!
Struggle with accountability or prefer a structured regime shorter/longer then 10 weeks? See coaching memberships or contact limitless training to see which is best suited for you.