The Booty Builder

The booty builder is a  glute specific regime, composed of target area exercises to assist you in developing a larger, rounded, toned and lifted booty.

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Training Protocol Outline

  • Simple to follow session by session muscle group specific workout regime’s
  • Cater for different levels of training experience, both beginner and advanced
  • Designed to increase overall fitness and improve strength
  • Allow for flexibility and can be implemented in accordance to your personal schedule
  • Include a detailed breakdown of each workout including exercise pairing, reps, tempo and resting periods
  • Unlimited access to video links incorporated within your protocols explaining the proper technique for each recommended exercise
  • Inclusive of both weight training, lower body circuits and cardio recommendations
  • Are specially formatted to allow you to view your training protocols on any device or print and take to the gym with you
  • Inclusive of a recommended supplementary regime to maximise results