Transformation Challenge – Chelsi – Landing

Chelsi’s Weight Loss Journey

You wouldn’t believe where she started!

If I were to tell you that not so long ago, I wasn’t comfortable wearing a bikini to the beach would you believe me?

I can’t even recall owning a bikini; the scales weren’t moving and my body wasn’t changing, despite the work I was putting in at the gym. I thought I was the problem. Turns out, I wasn’t, my approach was.


Most programs aren’t designed for women under 30 with a social life.

I tried cutting carbs entirely, I tried juice detoxes, I had tried fasting, take it from me, these approaches will cost your lifestyle and if that’s something you aren’t willing to give up, these approaches are not going to work for you either.

To date I have lost 15kg and have kept it off without having to say no to social events.

If you want to find out how I turned my life around for good and reclaimed my livelihood (plus see what I looked like before) and why this same approach will work for you, enter your details below.