Transformation Challenge – Chelsi

Meet the old me

My name is Chelsi, I am 25 years old not all that long ago I wasn’t comfortable wearing a bikini. That is until I discovered Limitless Traning’s ‘That Friend’ Challenge and lost 15kg and kept it off.



Wouldn’t it be nice to “THAT FRIEND”?

We all have them, friends that can seemingly eat whatever, go out as often as they want but never gain weight.

What if I were to tell you, it’s not because of their genetics, it’s their habits and those habits are teachable and programmable.

The team at Limitless Training are so confident they have mastered the art of helping women under 30 become “THAT FRIEND” that they provide a cash back guarantee. Drop dresses without ditching your friends, if you don’t, they will refund you entirely.

20 Spaces available, Women under 30 only.

Book a call with me personally (Chelsi, I’m one in the photos), let me talk you through why this program is going to work for you as it has over 1000 Aussie Women under 30 just like you.