Transformation Challenge – Maurine – Landing

Maurine’s Weight Loss Journey

You wouldn’t believe where she started!

If I were to tell you that not so long ago, I was close to 45kg heavier than I am now, would you believe me?

My clothes weren’t fitting; the scales weren’t moving and I had tried every detox and fad the internet had to offer. I thought I was the problem.

Turns out, I wasn’t, my approach was.

To date I have lost 45kg and have kept it off now for almost 4 years.

Fad diets don’t work for women over 40.

I had tried cutting carbs, I had tried juice detoxes, I had tried fasting.
None were sustainable, most were at the cost of my livelihood and all of them only resulted in short term results. I would lose 3-5kg each time, only to gain it all back.

To date I have lost 45kg and have kept it off now for 4 years and counting.

Want to know how i did it?

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