Transformation – Maurine – Landing

Maurine’s Weight Loss Journey

You wouldn’t believe where she started!

If I were to tell you that not so long ago, I was close to 45kg heavier than I am now, would you believe me?

My clothes weren’t fitting; the scales weren’t moving and I had tried every detox and fad the internet had to offer. I thought I was the problem.

Turns out, I wasn’t, my approach was.

To date I have lost 45kg and have kept it off now for almost 4 years.

I had tried cutting carbs, I had tried juice detoxes, I had tried fasting, I had tried the diets that seemed to work for friends. None were sustainable, most were at the cost of my livelihood and all of them only resulted in short term results. I would lose 3-5kg each time, only to gain it all back.

Want to know how i did it?

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