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On and off season competition coaching is available for an exclusive number of athlete’s. We are very selective as to whom we coach. Generally, competition preparation commences at a minimum of 12 weeks prior to stepping on stage. This duration however, is subjective dependent on the athlete and will be evaluated and discussed upon review of your application. Both on and off season coaching is inclusive of all nutritional, training and supplementary regime’s and subsequent ongoing revision should the athlete opt for meal plan coaching. Provided the athlete is interested in “Macro coaching,” such an arrangement is inclusive of all recommendations and amendments regarding ones macros and total calories, subject to their goals, recommendations regarding the supplements considered viable given their ambitions and recommendations regarding their training. 

Competition Preparation Coaching is priced at $165.00 per/week.

Upon submission your application will be reviewed and you’ll be notified accordingly via the email address which you provide below. Pending your approval, your initial detoxification stage will be structured within 3 business days.
Please answer all questions to the best of your ability.

Competition Prep Application (Form D)

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If you are under 18 years old (or the legal age in your jurisdiction), you will require someone over 18 years old to agree on your behalf.
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Nutrition Information


Please upload 3 images. An anterior, posterior and lateral photograph, the full length of your body. (Front, back and side)
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Please complete a 3-day food diary inclusive of all liquids.*