How detrimental to one’s composition is psychological stress?

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How detrimental to one’s composition is psychological stress? For the vast majority of us, stress caused by environmental factors day to day is inevitable. Such stress can be attributed to issues of relation to one’s family, career, finances and relationships to sleep habits and daily commitments. Stress can have a…

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What is DOMS, how can they be prevented?

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DOMS is an acronym for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and is prevalent post exercise in particular if one has performed a workout at an intensity, they are unaccustomed to or has opted to incorporate movements they are otherwise unfamiliar with. DOMS are believed to be the result of microscopic tears…

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Vitamin C and its benefits regarding Body Composition.

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Vitamin C and its benefits regarding Body Composition.   Vitamin C, otherwise known as ascorbic acid or L- ascorbate is a well-known conventional vitamin that most resort to when fighting off ill health. Despite being renowned for its influence on immune function attributed to its pleiotropic functions, of relation to…

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Vitamin D and its benefits regarding health and performance.

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Are you getting enough Vitamin D and how much is enough? Is sun exposure to the skin solely sufficient for our bodies or do we actually require additional supplementation of Vitamin D3? What is the difference? The sunshine vitamin has been shown a considerable amount of attention in both the…

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How much protein do I need? How much is counter productive?

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The diminishing rate with which protein is synthesized correlative to amount consumed in a given window. When building anything of substantial size and strength a skilled builder knows it is imperative to have a strong foundation and a carefully designed infrastructure. This makes it possible to then follow on with…

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Are artificial sweeteners to blame for your weight gain?

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The topic of artificial sweeteners in relation to optimal endocrine function is surrounded by much controversy and there has been conflicting findings in relation to this. Non-nutritive sweeteners (NNS) work by reacting with receptors on the tounge in a similar way to sugar, however the contrasting difference is that artificial…

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The benefits of sodium on body composition

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To salt or not to salt? The reputation of salt or sodium chloride in relation to dieting for optimal body composition is one of much confusion and at times regarded as controversial by those who do not understand the potential influence on one’s performance, composition and appearance its incorporation can…

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Gut Instinct – Importance of considering digestive function

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“Gut instinct” How many times have you heard someone say or felt as if your “stomach has a mind of its own,” well, that’s because it does. The gut’s lining houses an independent network of hundreds of millions of neurons, more than the spinal cord has, called the enteric nervous…

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Understanding Appetite – Grehlin and Leptin

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Understanding Appetite – Ghrelin and Leptin   Have you ever been sitting at your desk at work, out shopping, or catching up with friends and suddenly your stomach becomes vocal? There can be cramping sensations, they may leave you feeling sick, it may be something you can completely brush off,…

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Reverse dieting recap.

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Reverse Dieting Recap I think it is fair to say that the basic idea and schematics of a diet is a widely understood concept, simply put, when one wishes to lose fat they consume less calories than they expend, thus deeming such an individual in a caloric deficit, the longer…

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Exercises to assist in alleviating lower back pain.

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Exercises to help with lower back pain From the sedentary desk worker to the avid fitness enthusiast, and all those in between, it is a safe bet to say almost everyone has experienced lower back pain at some point in their life, stemming from a muscular source. For most people…

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5 ways to increase your metabolic rate.

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5 ways to increase your metabolic rate   It is no secret that in the general world of fitness, everyone is looking for the secret to easy weight loss. Some try detox tea’s, some try excluding certain macronutrients from their diet for extended periods of time, some even go as…

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