Unfortunately, not all fitness professionals have the clients best interests at heart. Provided certain aspects of relation to the subject in questions health, regarding organ function and micronutrient pathways are not considered, adhering to such recommendations can have detrimental repercussions, some of which may take months to rectify.

A consultation represents the opportunity for those confident their current programming is by no means ineffective, to further refine that which they are currently adhering to, clarify the reason as to why they have been recommended to adhere to particular elements of such programming or be reassured such programming is indeed in their best interest to adhere to, thus ensuring their efforts of relation to the pursuit of their composition orientated goals are not to no avail.

During such a consultation one can expect any and all questions regarding nutrition, training and supplementation answered in great detail, resulting in a better understanding as to what one can expect to achieve provided they continue to adhere to that which you have either tailored themselves or have been recommended to adhere to.

Such a consultation can potentially save one countless hours in the gym by making apparent a more efficient means of addressing ones composition orientated goals.

Consultations of relation to training, nutrition and supplementation are $200.00 per 30 minutes.