• March 18, 2017

Form C

Form C

150 150 LMTLSS



Unit 3a
23-25 Ham Street
Cloncurry, Queensland 4824

August 6, 1985

[email protected]


food allergies – dairy, gluten, try to stick to low FODMAPS diet as have digestive issues


duromine sometimes but it stuffs up my sleep and body so stop taking it + know I need regular eating to heal my body and hormones
met-formin for PCOS



Vitamin B + Zinc for Pyrolles disease
Met Formin
have taken duromine on and off for past few years. it worked initially but I think it stuffed up my metabolic rate / thyroid ?it doesn’t really work for me anymore and just raises my cortisol levels and makes me anxious so I want to eat anyway!

ATP Supplements
Multi Food, T432, Cort RX, Alpha Venus, Block E3, NOWAY Protein

O negative

6-9 (generally need 7.5 +) however, atm always wake up feeling exhausted!!!



Weights 2-6 times per week (follow bodybuilding app)
Run 1-2 per week (just started training for half mara trail run which I am hating)
HIIT 1 per week
Walk or Yoga or Tennis 1-2 per week

Try to exercise 1-2 per day but am all or nothing mentality so some weeks 10 times and other weeks only 5 times or less

Love weights and group circuit training with friends/ social fitness (xfit) Swimming, yoga and surfing, walking

Solo weights, solo running, complicated training circuits, complicated training sessions unless with a trainer

Sore neck, shoulders, traps. Treat by massage + accupuncture

gluten, dairy, nuts? sometimes, legumes lentils, some veges,
insulin resistance – swell up when have too much sugar / carbs

gluten, dairy free. I eat meat and prefer beef and fish. Not a fan of chicken or pork

salmon – all ways.
spinache + silverbeat
coconut yoghurt
dark chocolate red wine
green smoothies / juice
raw treats
sweet potato

Foods that make me bloat, retain water and get gas but don’t always know what they are?
Gluten, dairy, some nuts, no legumes or lentils

bulletproof coffe (brain octane oil + coffee)
2 fish cakes (salmon + egg + broc + cauli + herbs + spices)
pumpkin soup + 1 fish cake
1 TBONE steak + green salad olive oil dressing + sweet potato fries + green bean salad + 3 glasses red wine + 2 pieces of 85 % dark choclate
water x 1 lt

bulletproof coffee (1 tbs brain octane oil + collegian protein)
Noway protein + handful frozen berries + raw cacao powder + water + handful spinach
3 fish cakes (salmon)
2 gluten free bread + tin salmon + half avo + greens
water x 2 lt

1 bullet proof coffee
200 gm macadamia nuts
1 NOWWAY Protein shake + berries + coconut cream + cacao powder
1 cup bone broth
sauteed greens with turmeric
water x 3 lt

I am about to start training for a half mara so would love some of my training to include cardio / running even tho I currently hate it and prefer weights. I really want to lean down after I gained about 10 kg from having PCOS and developing binging tendencies. Have trained weights in the past with meal plan and got good results although I need to be monitored and checked in with otherwise I loose motivation and drive. I am heading os in 8 weeks to surf and travel and would love to be leaner and feel fitter and stronger. I am willing to work hard over the next 8 weeks and hopefully when I go on my holiday I will be active and eat well which will carry me through. I would love to become insulin sensitive not resistance as I feel I am a slave to food and can’t eat anything without my body reacting and holding water or becoming bloated.

I agree to the Limitless Professional Training Terms and Conditions, I have understood and accurately answered all of the questions within this form.

Courtney Moran