Eating out guide (EBOOK)


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Eating out is a part of life. There will be many occasions throughout the year, such as birthdays and celebrations, where the food options may not be entirely in our control. Understandably, this can lead to some angst for some people, as it may be necessary to eat something ‘off-plan’.

After completing this guide, you can expect to understand the following:

How to eat out without compromising your progress.
Why eating out can result in significant weight fluctuations.
Why forgoing the food you enjoy is not in your best interest long term.
How to compensate for extra calories by increasing exercise.
How to compensate for extra calories by altering your meal plan.

If you are someone that is currently forging all of the foods you enjoy and avoiding occasions you would otherwise enjoy attending, we are certain the advice provided within this guide will have a profound impact on your livelihood.


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