Fit and Family-Friendly Cooking Guide (EBOOK)


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Wouldn’t it be nice to know for sure that what you are feeding your family is as healthy as you think it is?

Did you know that just by being a little heavy-handed with the cooking oil you can actually double the number of calories in anything you fry or bake?

What most don’t realize is the big impact seemingly harmless additions to our diets can have long term.

By adequately nourishing the body we expect you to sooner rather than later notice more energy throughout the day, more stable moods, fewer bouts of sickness, improved sleep quality and improved bathroom habits.

If any of the aforementioned are of interest to you, this is the guide for you.

After completing this guide you can expect to understand the following:

How much cooking oil is appropriate.
How to read nutritional labels.
How to compare similar products.
What the ingredients panel can teach us.
How not to fall for sneaky marketing tactics.
How to be calorie conscious when buying snacks for the family.

We are certain this guide will have a profound impact on the food you consider worth feeding your family moving forward.


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