Healthy school lunch guide (EBOOK)


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If you have ever wondered whether there is an easier way to incorporate more nutritious foods into your child’s diet, this is the guide for you.

A healthy relationship with food is not something that we develop overnight, it can take years or even decades to cultivate. For this reason, we believe it is important to make a conscious effort to set a good example for our children from an early age and make health-conscious changes to your diet and theirs that are likely to result in habits that could serve them well for life.

After completing this guide, you can expect to understand the following:

Healthy alternatives to common snacks
How to subtly incorporate more vegetables into your child’s diet.
How to determine whether the amount of food you are sending your child to school with is enough.
How much water we recommend your child drink day to day.
How to at a glance, identify whether the calories in the snacks you are providing your child with are reasonable.

We are certain that if followed, the tips, tricks and advice contained within this guide will have a profound impact on the way your children feel and function.


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