Healthy while on holiday guide (EBOOK)


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If you are reluctant to book a holiday because you are worried doing so will bring undone the progress you have made over the last few months, this is the guide for you. We hope to soon make very clear that a holiday does not necessarily need to come at the cost of your progress and we are going to share with you numerous tactics that can be easily implemented whilst holidaying to increase the likelihood of you enjoying yourself, relaxing and indulging without feeling guilty, regretful or worrying about the “damage” you are doing.

After completing this guide you can expect to understand the following:

How to compensate for alcohol whilst on holiday.
How to compensate for extra food whilst on holiday.
Approximately how much exercise is required to offset extra food and drinks.
How to reduce bloating and water retention whilst on holiday.
Whether rapid fluctuations in weight are worth worrying about.

Soon, the thought of a holiday is going to result in you feeling excited rather than scared.


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